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About Us

Our vision is to build a dynamic community for youth to grow confidently, become leaders and prepare to excel in life by incorporating wellness and healthy life practices, community service with an appreciation of cultural diversity in the community.

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Youth Club Committees

Event Coordination Committee

President: Shruti Arekapudi

Vice President: Vaishnavi Chintalapati

Secretary: Aarya Sahasrabudhe

Community Service

President: Sneha Nandapradeepan

Vice President: Anya Narayan

Secretary: Saminka Aher

Special Series Committee

President: Harshita Arekapudi

Vice President: Laasya Karnati

Secretary: Sohan Sagar

Communication Committee

President: Ojasvi Deep

Vice President: Neha Nandapradeepan

Secretary: Rohit Yammani

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Meet the Committees

The Youth Club has four committees and within each committee is presided by a president, vice president, and secretary. The rest of the members of the Youth Club are free to choose and be a volunteer of committee/s that interests them. The Youth Club committee members are obligated to lead and support numerous community services and activities.

Event Coordination Committee

The Event Coordination Committee works around the year to schedule youth volunteers for upcoming IUCA events (Kickoff, India Fest, Holi, Independence Day, Diwali, etc.). This committee interacts with the IUCA volunteer lead of the executive leads of the executive committee to assign tasks to youth volunteers.


Community Service Committee

The Community Service Committee assigns youth volunteers for community service such as Temple 5K Run, North South Foundation Contest, School Supplies Fundraising, Interfaith W-S's Festival of Faith and Cultural, etc. This committee is accountable for scheduling dates along with timings to volunteers for coming events.


Special Series Committee

The Special Series Committee's job is to bring in a subject matter expert to teach a specific topic such as Sustainability, Renewable Energy, Human Health, and Preventable Diseases, etc. The principal goal of this committee is to promote education on healthy living, actions on environmental issues, and instill the culture of conservation.


Communication Committee

The Communication Committee is to disseminate information about upcoming activities and events. This committee designs and maintains the Youth club's website and quarterly newsletter.

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Event Coordination Committee

Event coordination committee helped IUCA team by providing youth volunteers for

Kick off - Feb 16th 2019

Holi - Festival of Colors - Mar 24th 2019

India Fest - May 4th 2019


Community Service Committee

Community Service Committee helped Community by providing youth volunteers for

North South Foundation - Apr 6th 2019

5K Temple Run - Apr 17th to 20th 2019

Temple Inaugural Event - June 5th to 9th 2019

Special Series Committee

The Special Series Committee invited Margaret Morris, Triad Speech Consultants found, to speak at our recent session. 


Communication  Committee

Presenting to you

Present Website

Half Yearly Newsletter

Newsletter 1 - July 2019

Newsletter 2 - Dec 2019

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Interested in getting involved with IUCA Youth Club and discovering more about our work? Contact us today and see what we have to offer!

Winston Salem, NC

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